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Gift Packages & Vouchers
Bespoke offerings for yourself or your loved ones
All gift purchases are designed to meet  your specific needs - we will contact you following your purchase to find out how.
Vouchers are digital and emailed to yourself or the recipient directly.

Flow Space Yoga & Wellness

Classes/ Courses

Private Treatments/


Birthday Presents

Gift Vouchers

- Choose any value

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Massage Therapy

Deep Nourish

- Reiki & Yoga Nidra 45min

- Ayurvedic Massage 75min

(2hr treatment)

Girl Relaxing


- Breathwork Coaching 30min

- Ayurvedic Massage 75min

(1hr 45min treatment)

Meditating on Bed

Freedom & Focus

Deeping your experience with meditation, mindset and goal setting.


Take home meditation plan including personalised audio recordings to support your meditation focus.

(1hr 30min)

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