Welcome to Flow Space, Yoga and Wellness Centre. I'm Angela, your facilitator of Flow Space services.


I'm curious...what does 'flowmean to you? It could just be a word or concept, but it might also be a feeling or sensation that you recognise. You might notice a sense of flow in decision making - when something 'just feels right', you might feel it in a sporting moment when you are completely 'in the zone' , whilst dancing or singing, or just being present with your children. When I talk about flow I am referring to a state of living where we are fully present, connected and engaged with what is happening within and around us simultaneously. 

The practise of yoga - which includes mindfulness and meditation - is the practise of living life peacefully and calmly, in a constant state of flow. Yoga, which means 'to yoke' or 'unite' is a practical and adaptable framework in which to address the needs and challenges of both our body and mind, and unite our inner and outer worlds with awareness. We learn to be present and peaceful, fully engaged and connected with ourselves, our family, friends, community, environment and world.


I welcome you to Flow Space with sincere kindness and encouragement on your journey to find Freedom, Learning, Openness and Wisdom.





Yoga is just so much more than physical postures (asana). It is a practical philosophy of mind-body science and can be applied in many different ways. Yoga asana can support you through physical injury, illness or imbalance but it can also balance brain function, increase energy and alertness. Yogic philosophy can support healthy beliefs and behaviours and strengthen awareness of body and mind. 


Pranayama, or 'life force cultivation' is the practise of breathing mindfully to cultivate energy, alertness and calm.

Breath practises can offer complimentary relief from anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, 

asthma and respiratory conditions.

It is also the corner stone of yoga and mindfulness practise. 

We generally relate to ourselves through our physical body and through our mind (our thoughts, personalities, likes and dislikes). In the practise of meditation and mindfulness we aim to connect with the third aspect of ourselves -awareness. We practise connecting with this aspect of ourselves that is simply aware, aware of the changing state of our mind and body. As this awareness has in itself no qualities, only a constant and clear presence - we can establish a connection with this state of stillness within ourselves. This mindful presence, once established, is felt in the body and mind as a deep sense of calm, unaffected by the fluctuations of our mind and external life events. 


As well as releasing tension from muscles, massage can stimulate the flow of lymph to support the immune system and also balance hormone releasing glands. Indian Head Massage and Marma Point Facial massage uses the application of specifically chosen oils and essences to harmonise your body type according to the Tri Doshas (body constitutions). When our Doshas are imbalanced we may suffer a range of ailments from tension headaches through to lethargy. This style of massage aims to release tension from the mind as well as bring harmony to the body. 



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