Mindfulness for Mental Health Support Group


4:30pm | 60min

Free Admission

Maximum 10 participants, please get in touch with your interest, we'd love to welcome you along.

ABOUT: The Mindfulness for Mental Health support group is a confidential, compassionate and accepting space to practice and learn mindfulness techniques for mental health. 

All welcome.


OUR INTENTION: is to bring awareness and support to all of us who face mental health challenges and to provide a safe and supportive environment to come and connect and share with others; the level of participation is completely up to the individual - it is acceptable and valuable to sit in with the group without verbal contribution. We aim to provide essential mindfulness skills for self-regulation, constructive self-reflection and disentanglement from mental-emotional challenges.


HOW MINDFULNESS WORKS: mindfulness strategies strengthen our awareness of and detachment from our experiences and our learned, habitual responses to those experiences. We learn that we have a choice and with this choice we can retrain our thought patterns, reduce stress and detach from painful and limiting behaviours and beliefs. Mindful living values encourage us to find our individual and collective life meaning and redirect our attention towards choices that support this.  

Moon Circle Women's Group

The Moon Circle Women's Group is a monthly meeting to connect, support and share as women. 

Guided and open conversations around health, wellness and everything in between.

Compassion, acceptance and non-judgment are at the heart of this nourishing space.


All welcome! Join us for updates on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/groups/714932038847963/



The Men's Missions - Guy Talk-Hill Walk is a monthly wellness challenge.
Strengthen your physical and mental health and resilience.

Meeting fortnightly on the 1st & 3rd Sundays each month, 3:00pm [at Flow Space Wellness Centre to get directions for the walk]. 

Mental Health is at the forefront of our modern day challenges and no-one is immune. We could all use a hand to get through at times but it can be a massive effort to ask for help. Come along, and if you're feeling good, then offer a hand to someone who needs it. No judgments, just good attitudes. 


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