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Angela Connell is a specialist Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga Facilitator for both youth and adults and  
 is internationally registered and accredited.
Local to Central Otago, Angela's passion for the outdoors supports her inclusive approach to wellbeing and supports the intrinsic values of Hauora. 
Angela  works with her clients to design tailored strategies to meet and support goals for health and wellness. Her aim is to provide clients with a mindfulness 'tool kit' that will enhance self-empowerment, regulation and understanding and inspire healthy, compassionate choices for living well. 


Who is Mindfulness for?

For individuals, small groups, workplaces or educational seminars; the benefits of mindfulness are available to everyone. Angela works therapeutically with clients from as young as 4yrs through to the elderly.

What to expect from Mindfulness Coaching with Angela:

Develop self awareness of thoughts, behaviours and emotions. 
Develop healthy breathing and movement skills for relaxation and self care. 
Develop self regulation of thoughts, behaviours and emotions. 
Decrease stress and increase feelings of calm, presences and focus. 
Increase concentration and memory.
Develop capacity to deal with stress and anxiety. 
Develop reasoning skills for making empowered and healthy choices. 
Develop empathy and compassion to self and other

  • self-compassion practices

  • relaxation skills

  • meditation skills 

  • breathing strategies

  • self-reflection

  • goal setting and motivation

  • body-based movement activities

  • spiritual practice (where appropriate)

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