Class Styles:
YIN YOGA | floor postures held for 3-5min for deep myofascial release, working with the holistic meridian system
SLOW VINYASA | flowing forms and sequences taught at a slow, gentle pace
RESTORATIVE | therapeutic postures specifically for restoring balance through rest  
HATHA VINYASA | traditional sequencing, steady pace, moderate class with a focus on strength and stability
VINYASA | aerobic, flowing, creative, contemporary sequencing 
POWER FLOW | slow, sustained effort - core and arm strength, refined postural alignment

Taupe Shapes Class Schedule (5).png

Here's what we need to do to adhere to the government's safety guidelines at level 2:


  • sign in either with the tracer app or simply on the class sign in sheet

  • sanitise hands on entry into studio

  • keep a 1m distance between mats 

  • byo mat if possible / if you need to borrow a studio mat, please spray and wipe (as usual) after class

  • byo towel or blanket for covering bolsters 

  • byo eye pillow (if that's your thing)