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How does YOGA and MINDFULNESS help?

When we apply ‘yoga’ (body and mind based practises) to an exploration of our ‘self’, we are strengthening our awareness of what’s going on within us and around us. In this way, we are able to identify exactly where we find ourselves in need or suffering; through illness, pain or discontent at the level of the body (physical) or of the mind (mental/emotional).


We can work with our body through movement, breath and massage – or with our mind through mindfulness, meditation and self-inquiry methods to better understand our experiences and ourselves. It is within this incredibly personalised aspect of the practise that we find its power in adaptability. We can apply the practise to our own personal experience in a specific and relevant way and make tangible the healing process.


Yoga is suitable for all people, of all ages and in most conditions. It is non-sectarian and excludes no-one. Yoga is incredibly beneficial for children, for supporting healthy development of brain function and motor-skills, it is beneficial for all ages throughout life and especially for supporting memory, alertness and coordination as we age.


Yoga can assist those with a wide range of physical limitations and conditions and can support the reduction of stress, anxiety, and harmful or addictive behaviours.

Increased function of endocrine, lymphatic, circulatory and respiratory systems

Stress reduction

Therapeutic support in recovery from physical injury or illness.

Greater body awareness & mobility

Release of muscular tension

Better posture and musculo-skeletal alignment

Enhanced focus, attention & memory

Increased clarity & decision making skills

Relief from anxiety, stress & depression

Release from habitual/addictive behaviours


Healthier relationships

Capacity for self-care & resilience

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